Saturday, March 5, 2016

Dora the Explorer Birthday Cake

I LOVED all the bright colors on this cake!  Bright colors always make the best pictures!  Dora the Explorer was the request and I had to take a sophisticated turn for this cake.  The stripes were probably my favorite, or the flowers, or the balloons.....

 Gum paste little characters that took a super long time, but turned out so adorable.  (That MONKEY!!!  I had to repair him 4 times!!!  The gum paste was too thin.)
 Small styrofoam balls attached to wires covered in gum paste.  I really wanted them too look like there were floating away, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without the strings breaking.  Oh well, the bow ties them together instead!

 Modeling chocolate stripes placed on a slab of modeling chocolate before placing on the cake.  It also took a good amount of time but it was extremely worth it.
Happy birthday, Emma!!  I hope your day was full of adventures!

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